‘Law & Order: SVU’: One Star Was as Surprised as Fans About Exit from Series

Law & Order: SVU has seen quite a number of actors leave the show over the years. Typically, there is a good reason for their exits. However, that is not always the case.

Between Seasons 22 and 23, two series regulars left the show. Jamie Gray Hyder, who played Kat, left the show amicably. Additionally, Demore Barnes left the show and was originally silent about his exit as Deputy Chief Garland. Barnes became the first Black Deputy Chief in SVU’s history. He finally spoke out about his departure in an Instagram video, and it’s not what fans wanted to hear.

He began his post by first praising the cast and crew of the show and revealed that it was Mariska Hargitay who was in charge of “spearheading my shift to series regular”. Barnes became quite the fixture on the show with the majority of fans enjoying his character’s portrayal.

“Now, don’t get me wrong. Do not hear that I was just happy to be here. That’s not what I’m saying. Because while I know you were happy I was here, and I’m happy I was here,” he began. “I also know you’re sad and surprised. And I am, too.”

He revealed the bombshell that he does not “totally know why this has happened.” At the end of the day, he enjoyed his time and knows that this will provide more opportunities in the future.

“So please, everyone, continue to do your part to support change and amplify the voices and stories that injustice, in its many forms, seeks to silence. Chief Garland and I will not have it any other way. I love you all.”

Fingers crossed that we hopefully haven’t seen the last of Garland!

From ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and ‘Organized Crime’ to ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

Actor Dylan McDermott will be transitioning to another Dick Wolf series and this time it’s on a new network.

McDermott portrays villain Richard Wheatley in Organized Crime and has guest appearances on Law & Order: SVU. His eight-episode arc on the show’s second season is coming to a close on NBC. He was just added to the team on FBI: Most Wanted, which was also created by Wolf this time for CBS. FBI’s lead Julian McMahon, who plays Jess LaCroix, will be departing this season.

McDermott is said to be joining the team, a far cry from his delinquent Organized Crime character. While we don’t know details about his new character, we do know that he and Jess LaCroix will not meet as he is leaving the show before McDermott is set to debut.

McMahon’s final episode will air on March 8. Meanwhile, Deadline reported that McDermott’s debut episode will be Episode 17 which will air sometime in April.

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