Steny Hoyer says he does not see Joe Biden's March 1 State of the Union speech as a firm deadline on getting the social spending bill done.


Cover picture for the article"March 1 is not a deadline for one thing or another," he said at a POLITICO event. What happened: Majority Leader Steny Hoyer took a pragmatic tone about the future of the Democrats' climate change and social spending bill during an interview with POLITICO on Tuesday, insisting the March 1 State...

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save our country from liberal loons

Still pushing taxing everyone so he can spend your money. Don’t fall for the, “it’s paid for and nobody that earns less than $400,000 will pay one cent more in taxes”. Ask yourself this, if a company is going to pay more in taxes, do you think they are not going to pass that increase along? Of course they are, but the democrats will say it’s the corporations fault for the increases, when we all know where it started.

American Greg

one year of Joe Biden has guaranteed the Republicans will have both the house and the senate in the midterms and the White House in 2024

American Greg

how can anyone not see that the handouts have caused the highest inflation in 40 years and another one will totally destroy this country


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