Top U.S. Senate Republican says Biden 'moving in the right direction' on Ukraine


WASHINGTON, Jan 25 (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, a frequent critic of President Joe Biden, said on Tuesday that he is seeing "encouraging" signs from the administration about its approach to deterring further Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

McConnell said Biden now appears to be adopting the right approach to Ukraine following a weekend meeting with his security team at Camp David. McConnell last week said Biden had "telegraphed passivity and weakness" on the issue.

"What I've been hearing since then is encouraging, that they're prepared to take steps before an incursion, not afterwards," McConnell said at a news conference in Frankfort, Kentucky.

"It appears to me the administration is moving in the right direction," he added.

Russia has massed an estimated 100,000 troops near Ukraine's border, raising alarm in the West that Moscow is preparing for a new military assault after its invasion of Crimea in 2014.

NATO said Monday it was putting troops on standby and reinforcing eastern Europe with more ships and fighter planes. The United States has also said that about 8,500 U.S. troops have been put on heightened alert and could deploy to the region. read more

McConnell urged the immediate deployment of NATO troops to Poland, Romania and the Baltic states, as well as the shipment of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine.

The Kentucky Republican is among party members who advocate a tough line against Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a time when conservative commentators like Fox News host Tucker Carlson have questioned the need for the United States to take sides.

"My office is now getting calls from folks who say they watch Tucker Carlson and are upset that we're not siding with Russia in its threats to invade Ukraine, and who want me to support Russia's 'reasonable' positions," Democratic U.S. Representative Tom Malinowski tweeted on Monday.

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We need to weed out the pro-Russian supporters and fire them all. They are pro-communist and should not be allowed to hold government offices! That makes their goals of a more oppressive government, pretty obvious! Maybe they need to vet all these pro-Russian supporters?

John Obrien

Nobody gives a shoot what Donald Trump thinks. All he does is destroy everything. The Country needs to get back with the leading Nations in NATO. No more negativity from Trump and the Republicans. They want to destroy American Democracy and the Constitution. Biden wants to get the Country back on the right track. The 4 years Trump was the President all he did was bring us down. All he did was bring chaos and no focus on the World leading the Philosophy of Uniting World Peace. Going over to the Middle East and turning everything upside down that Obama did for 8 years.

Carol Salazar

What we can’t believe they said something positive about our president Biden. Good for them. There is hope for our country. Turtle turtle 🐢 actually said something positive.


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