MLB Gets One Step Closer to Getting Rid of Angel Hernandez

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The past couple of seasons has seen plenty of blown calls from MLB umpires that have swayed the outcome of games. Take the one-blown call against the Dodgers and Giants back in July of last season when a swing would have ended the game. Instead, it was called a non-swing which...

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Your Big Daddy

I would think that most umpires would identify the bad umpires like Angel and try to get them fired, so they all don’t get replaced with robots

Kurt Thorstad

Absolutely no robots and why is Angel still there? He has proven year after year he cant do the job, so why is he not fired? Every union employee can be removed for job performance.

brownie vegas

Says a lot about the umpires union. Do you really want guys like this giving you a bad name? What protection does this guy have that he can call games and umpire like he does and still have a job umpiring? You can't burn Big Macs and stay employed at McDonald's.


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