Sister Wives’ Meri Brown claims ‘everyone hates’ Robyn after fans blame Kody’s ‘favorite’ wife for family feud

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SISTER Wives' Meri Brown defended Robyn against social media trolls as she said "everyone hates" the star for breaking up the family.

The polygamist family has been struggling to stay intact after Christine walked away and some other wives are considering moving on as well.
Sister Wives' Meri Brown defended Robyn from social media trolls revealing she has no ill will towards her although 'everyone hates her' Credit: Instagram
Robyn recently blamed Christine for breaking up the family after she split from Kody in November Credit: TLC

Meri, 51, spoke out about her feelings towards Robyn, who fans previously dubbed as Kody's "favorite wife," saying she has no ill will towards her.

In response to a fan's tweet urging the reality star not to be so hard on Robyn, Meri set the record straight that she's in her corner.

The fan wrote: "Don't hate on Robyn; she has little ones and is still in the YES WIFE ZONE... she will eventually desire the same as you... freedom to fly.

"You are a great example of someone who was repressed and who now has found yourself. Woot woot!"

Meri clapped back claiming that others aren't fond of Robyn, 43, but she is not a part of that group replying: "I don't worry, I don't hate Robyn. Everyone else does and it's so unfounded. She's got a good heart."

There has been a major divide between the wives that only escalated after Christine, 49, left the family behind in November.

The network released a teaser for a heated special, where the family discussed Christine's departure from her polygamist marriage.

In the preview clip, Robyn seemed to blame Christine for "giving up" on their family as she broke down sobbing.

In her confessional interview, she told viewers: "I don't see why giving up is an option when you haven't actually tried."

However, fans have chosen a different side, ganging up on the father of 18 as the culprit behind the breakup.

Many have accused Kody of "playing the victim" after he claimed that it was Christine's "betrayal" that led to the pair's divorce.


Following Christine's announcement that she had split from Kody, a source claimed that Robyn "secretly knows that she’s the one to blame for the separation."

Robyn has allegedly felt "some guilt there" when Christine moved into a $1.1M Utah duplex and sold the Arizona home back in October.

Due to Kody's relationship with Robyn, Christine supposedly had a "big reason why" she had to split from him, according to another insider.

The source added: "Kody has been completed devoted to Robyn for the past five or six years.

"That hasn’t changed at all.”

Robyn was the last woman to marry Kody and happens to be the TLC star’s only legal wife.


Kody, 53, is also spiritually married to Meri and Janelle, although things don't appear to be going smoothly between them either.

Meri was recently seen celebrating her 51st birthday without Kody and recently complained in an episode of the show, "Nobody is fighting for our family".

While Janelle, 52, was said to be seriously contemplating leaving her husband of 28 years.

A source told Us Weekly: "He is not happy with the other wives threatening to leave.

“He’s considering starting fresh with new wives.”

The insider added: "He wants to be with women who can accept the fact that he’s most committed to Robyn and devoting his time to her."

Previously, a fan spotted Kody and Robyn out on a dinner date amid claims that the TV star's fourth wife is the "only one treated well."

Another person agreed to the statement adding: It’s not sharing when he spends all his time with Robyn and can’t seem to give the time of day to any of his other wives or children.”
Others pinned Kody as the culprit behind the breakup accusing him of 'playing the victim' after he claimed it was Christine's 'betrayal' on their marriage that ended things Credit: TLC
Robyn has been labeled as the 'favorite wife' from fans as some claim she's the 'only one treated well' Credit: Meri Brown /Instagram
Kody's relationship with Meri and Janelle have also been tense as they've threatened to leave the family leading him to want to search for other wives Credit: TLC

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Cathy Conger

was Christine supposed to beg Kody to be her husband in all ways. I don't think so. How can she try when he doesn't come around and tells her he wants no intimacy with her. Christine did the right thing for her. I hop she lives a very happy life with her children


Kody is the person to blame! If Kody doesn’t like one of his wives, then he shuts them out! In response, Christine just gave Kody a taste of his own medicine, and he can’t handle it!!! YAY!!!👍👍👍👏👏👏

Sue Carter

not just Robyn kody too. both are nothing but cons. they only have you 3 around to keep money in their pockets and to be on tv. this show should be removed. get jobs and stop laughing in God's face


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