Woman Accused of Killing Her Own 3-Year-Old Grandson Told Authorities It Was 'Accident'

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"This is a grandmother and a grandchild," said Denton Police Officer Allison Beckwith. "That's not a case we see very...

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j young

How horrible that the very last person this helpless little toddler saw was his grandma & to feel her pick him up & slam him to the floor! It makes my heart hurt! A grandparent is suppose to be a child's happiest memories! Grandma's house is suppose to be a happy place, the one place where they know they're loved, where they feel safe from the outside world! It's the place where they cry & want to stay longer when they have to leave or go home! Not a place where there's abuse & fear & certainly not a place that's deadly! The only comfort to be had out of this is that this sweet innocent little child is now in a place where he's running & playing & happier than he ever could be here but most of all, he's in a place where he won't ever be hurt again! There's no telling how long the abuse had been happing! RIP precious one!


Grandmother's often catch alot of slack when parents are still getting themselves together. Grandmother's often step up when no one else does. Grandmother's often sacrifice & put themselves last. If this wasn't intentional, then this grandmother already has a life sentence of guilt. 💔💖🙏🌱

mary west

So sad!! My heart hurts! I have 9 grandchildren and could not seriously hurt them!! I hurt their feelings more than anything!! So sad 😢😢😢😢


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