'Sister Wives' Kody Brown 'Spending All His Time' With Robyn As Marriages To Janelle & Meri Worsen: Source

Ok Magazine

Cover picture for the articleWhile Kody Brown may be in a plural marriage with several women, he seems to be making it clear he has a favorite. The patriarch's relationships with Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have been on the rocks throughout Season 16 of Sister Wives — but his relationship with Robyn...

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Sue Carter

he should take Robyn and go. they need to support themselves and stop taking from the others. these two are headed for some nasty karma. wait till kody finds a younger one then crying Robyn will get some karma back. he is nothing but a con man who prey on women for his income.

Beth Janousek

just what do women see in him? he's not all that good looking, average build and in love with himself. must be great in the sheets but by looking at him I doubt that, too.

Vicki Morris

Kody and Robyn cause so much drama within the family. They made such a big deal to stay away from Meri, Janelle, Christine and all of Kody kids except for Robyn’s kids using excuse to protect their home from Covid with all these rules. Yet they go to mall shopping without mask. Robyn couldn’t take care of her own children even though she and Kody don’t work and believe the nanny is telling the truth she is living by their rules over believing their own family when they claim they will live by rules to get together. Made their own family to get covid tested before they got together on Christmas, maybe they should have made the nanny to get tested before she enters their home each time. If Kody tries to get more wives to replace the ones he has so he and Robyn can keep the show going for their income I won’t watch, for their such a joke. However, I will watch a show that Meri, Janelle and Christine are in.


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