COVID-19 Brief: Omicron Mutating, Lasting Longer and Killing Faster

Cover picture for the articleAs Omicron continues to dominate globally, research is coming in every day on this highly contagious variant of SARS-CoV-2. Take a look. A Subvariant of Omicron ID’ed in Washington State and Houston. Two cases of a subvariant of the Omicron variant have been identified in Washington state. It...

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Chuck Cavendish

Stop this madness! Supposedly the total covid-19 deaths are 865k and out of that 789,995 covid-19 deaths are from 50 years old and up! That age group has the highest vaccination rate! This virus and vaccine was meant to kill off old people and those who have underlying conditions! About 100k more deaths with the vaccine available than when it wasn't!🤷‍♂️


Oh please stop this Africa is about done and over this I'm so sick of the exaggerations and lies. I haven't been sick with no covid or variant yet not vaccinated and I'm in my 50s with underlying health conditions COPD being one of them been exposed more than once just enough already

Michael Brewer

I know a guy that died on Monday and tested positive on Wednesday. Omicron killed him 2 days before he got it. That’s how fast omicron is.


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