I finally decided to get my lip fillers dissolved after six years – I was nervous but people say I look much younger

The US Sun
The US Sun

A WOMAN'S shared the emotional moment she finally decided to have her lip filler dissolved after getting it done for over five years.

The fashion and beauty lover, Katie Champ, uploaded the video on TikTok, where people have joined to support her, claiming she looks younger and more beautiful than before.
According to some viewers, she appeared sad in the video Credit: @katiechamp18/Tiktok

The 29-year-old, who had been going for lip filler appointments since 2016, said she's recently been more anxious about the treatments that she gets.

''I think it's possibly coming with age as well,'' she explained, before adding she would go to the very same professional who had been responsible for her fuller lips.

''It's really vital to me that I go to someone I trust.


''I've never had them dissolved, so obviously there's a lot of volume there, there's a lot of build-up.

''Trends change and I'm also older now, and I would prefer to have smaller, more natural lips that still have a nice shape.''

Despite being scared and nervous - and many thought she seemed teary-eyed in the video - viewers believed she looked significantly better with her natural lips in the follow-up TikTok.

''Honestly they look lovely,'' read one comment.

''No hate, but they make you look younger too.

''You're such a natural beauty.''

Another fan wrote: ''WOW!! came from the first video and (not that you weren’t stunning before) but you look GORGEOUS!!😍😍''

''Omg wow I don’t want to be a hater but wow you look so much more beautiful with your natural lips wow,'' someone said.

''This compliments all your features and face shape so much better and your smile looks really good now too,'' a person thought.

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Katie thought the new lips were 'very little' Credit: @katiechamp18/Tiktok

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Natural is always better, she looks beautiful second pic LADIES love what God gave you never try and alter absolutely beautiful second pic


What is the infatuation of white women wanting African American features? Lips, hips, butts are never going to be your natural assets. You corner the market on tits, blue eyes, tanning salons, and blonde hair. Damn be happy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

Rudy L.

people with fake lips are un natural looking (ugly). you can obviously tell when you have duck lips. people laugh behind your back.


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