Kanye West documentary shows rapper’s mother issue warning about being ‘too arrogant’

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A brand new Kanye West documentary shows footage of his mother warning him off becoming “too arrogant”.

The controversial rapper’s career is profiled in a three-part series titled Jeen-Yuhs , which will be released on Netflix in February.

Filled with footage of his rise from producer to successful rapper, and filmed in Chicago and New York, the documentary also focuses on West’s relationship with his mother, Donda.

In a moment from 2001, West is visiting his mother in her Chicago home when he’s discussing his success after producing the Jay-Z song "Izzo (HOVA)".

“I was thinking about something I was going to say to you, Kanye, that I thought was important,” Donda tells him, adding: “How you were down to earth and everything, but you know, you got a lot of confidence [and] come off a little arrogant even though you're humble and everything.”

She continues: “But it be important to remember that the giant looks in the mirror and sees nothing.”

At this, Kanye smiles and lowers his head. “You know what I mean?” she asks him, to which West responds: “You think I come off too arrogant?”

Donda replies: “No. [You] come off just right ‘cause it's what's inside. You can’t be a star and not be a star; you've gotta have some oomph about you. I’m not saying you come off like that. I think the way you handle yourself is really just perfect.

“But at the same time, you remember to stay on the ground and you could be in the air all at the same time.”

Later in the documentary, Donda tells the documentary crew: “Kanye was always self-absorbed in a way.”

West named his 10th album after his mother, who died in November 2007. Jeen-Yuhs will be released on Netflix on 16 February.

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Larry Selvage

this poor man seems to want to much of attention sorry he lost his mom but there's ppl out there that are suffering more with this and that than just to get pity


He is not the bad guy because he wants to be with his kids. Kardashians don't decide whether or not he can be a dad. Let him be one!


His mother was right he is very arrogant! He thinks he is some type of all knowing godlike person.


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