Campaigning parents honoured after death of daughter who ate Pret baguette

Shropshire Star

Cover picture for the articleTanya and Nadim Ednan-Laperouse said the OBEs were a symbol of hope in the fight against food allergies. The parents of a teenager who died from an allergic reaction after eating a baguette said their OBEs were “medals of hope” in their campaign to overcome food allergies....

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Pamela M

I feel terrible for these parents, what a horrible loss.I have an allergy to fish and shellfish. I am so careful, and then I bought some vitamins and didn't pay close enough attention to the new label. They're safe right? Been taking them for years. Omega3 oils sourced from fish had been added. I was so sick for days.

Gaynor V. Henry

While allergies are horrific and my heart aches for these parents, allergies can and do change over time. This could have happened to someone who didn’t KNOW they had an allergy. Listing ALL ingredients should be a no-brainer.


Both of my children have allergies. As they got older they became allergic to other stuff. Why didn’t the teen have an epipen? Even though school rules said they couldn’t have the epipen with them & would have to go to the nurses office if they needed it. We didn’t explain to the school that my child could die before making it to the nurse. So I told my children to keep their epipen in their back packs. Severe allergies can cause death within minutes. Why didn’t the dad have an epipen? Guess he thought they were safe by reading the ingredients. It’s sad that nobody thought an epipen was needed. If you are so allergic to anything that could cause death within minutes it’s inexcusable not to have an epipen. Especially for a parent not to have one. This could have been avoided. I’m sorry for the family. Praying for everybody Lord. In Jesus’s name, amen. Rest In Peace. 💕


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