Media lectures Democrats when they vote against Biden, praises Republicans when they vote against Trump

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleIn past years, news anchors, reporters, commentators, and late-night hosts have unabashedly gushed over Republican senators who’ve broken ranks with their party, hailing them as "mavericks" and "heroes" for casting politics aside and voting with their "conscience." However, when Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.,...

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Let Us Go Brandon

The media is the single biggest problem we have in America today. When we people don't know the truth we make bad decisions and make bad choices. It is impossible to know the truth with today's media. The media not only lies, deceives, and omits, but actually fabricates stories. We need (but don't have) Fact Checkers for the lying Fact Checkers. We're doomed without an honest media.

Maureen Curtin

the media are not newscasters anymore they are political pundits of course they're always going to favor the one side and demonize the other. CNN MSNBC etc don't believe in reporting the news only in supporting the left. I mean if you listen to them there's no rise and crime in this country that's all just Fox News creating a false narrative. you feel like the mainstream media didn't live through the summer of 2020 nor do they live near a city like Chicago. where in Chicago and surrounding areas there are stores being vandalized and looted there are shootings everywhere in areas that used to be considered safe there are carjackings happening all over. violent crime is on the rise in my area. it's just the left doesn't want to recognize how poor there leadership really is


Most media swings left and it appears systemic. I suspect some organizations were just trying to put social studies and "African studies" hires, many of them "diversity hires," in positions according to their interests, trying to be inclusive, and it resulted in biased reporting. And then journalism and education schools seem particularly indoctrinated with far left and black radical ideologies.


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