Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Forced Princes William, Harry To Reunite And Reconcile In 207 Days

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly been dealing with so many things and the last thing she wants is to worry about her grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry.
Prince William and Prince HarryReuters

In its Jan. 31 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the queen wants Prince William and Prince Harry to reunite in the United Kingdom within the next 200 plus days so that they can hash out their differences.

“It’s a big year for Her Majesty, with her Platinum Jubilee looming... She’s worked hard for this celebration and she’s not allowing a single family member to ruin it for her,” the source said.

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gravelord nito

Another lie from the media.... who went and ask the Queen this question? Did she tell the press this? No... Another made up story


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