Sister Wives Kody Brown Accuses Ex Christine Of Murdering Their Marriage With Betrayal Before Split

Cover picture for the articleSister Wives star Kody Brown blamed Christine Brown for their split. Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Christine Brown split, and they had different reasons when they looked back at what happened. Kody blamed his ex for allegedly murdering their relationship with betrayal. Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Says...

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Chris Silence

What a cry baby, he will never take responsibility for anything. Had to laugh at the last episode when he said he wasn’t mad/upset with Christine moving his things out of her house. You could tell by his face he was, maybe he will finally realize he is not in charge .

Kathryn Cornelius

He is ridiculous and never takes responsibility for his part in all this mess, she deserves to have an intimate relationship and he is not very spiritual if he doesn’t watch or listen to himself, very narcissistic behavior.

Jackie Gillett

Well we’ll who in their right mind would expect him to take fault for anything. Look at his adult children he is no loner their idol so now the are their mothers children not his.


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