Tucker Carlson Slams ‘Totally Ignorant’ GOP Senator for Urging Sanctions Against Russia: ‘Just Reading the Script’

Cover picture for the articleTucker Carlson opened Monday’s show by arguing that imposing harsh sanctions on Russia would end up negatively impacting the United States. In the process, he called Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) “totally ignorant.”. Carlson has repeatedly cautioned against antagonizing Russia over Ukraine. “The Chinese government is the only...

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John Obrien

This is who you consider as a responsible Journalist who is looking out for American Democracy and the Constitution. I don’t he even knows anything about what is good for America and the people who live in this Country. He is a complete Political Hack and has no skill at Journalism or Investigative Reporting and it shows on his nightly baseless Political Commentary.

carl minton

why ,in the first place would his opinion even matter unless it impress his wife or something ??he gets the long dollars to move his lips thats all ..

Tom Golden

now you're asking the right questions?China and Russia are working in the direction to isolate the United States from Europe and Nato,they been trying to destroy the dollar as a world currency for decades,it's time to wakeup.


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