Exclusive: 'I Think He Will Become a Liverpool Manager One Day' - Jose Enrique on Aston Villa Manager Steven Gerrard


In an exclusive interview, Jose Enrique has given his thoughts on former Liverpool player and current Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard seems to be destined to manage Liverpool one day but until then he's in Birmingham and the Aston Villa fans love him.
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Gerrard has brought in some great players since he's arrived at Villa Park, former Liverpool player Philippe Coutinho being one of them.

In an exclusive interview with LFC Transfer Room, Gerrard's former Liverpool teammate Jose Enrique has given his thoughts on the Aston Villa manager.

With your former teammate Steven Gerrard now managing Aston Villa, what do you think of his business so far and do you think he'll achieve a lot with this Villa side? Also, is he destined for Liverpool one day?

"I think he will become a Liverpool manager one day," said Enrique. "I definitely do because I can see a world-class manager.

"You can see the personality, the way he approaches the game, the way he finds players, the way [Aston] Villa play.

"For me, he's doing a great job and it's good because Aston Villa is trusting him, which is very difficult in the early days with the signings.

"Without him, players like Coutinho and Lucas Digne probably wouldn't have signed for this club. Even if Villa are a big club in England, I don't think Coutinho would have joined Aston Villa if it wasn't for Stevie G.

"So having someone like this, helping make players of that calibre join the club [is good]. Stevie says as well, for the players already at Villa, you see Coutinho coming into your team, you go like 'wow, I want to stay here, I want to keep growing the club'.

"I believe he is doing really well, the way he's playing and, even at Rangers and now at Aston Villa, the way he is tactical and the way he plays, it's very similar to Liverpool in that way.

"He likes high pressure, intensity, he loves that like he used to have when he played. I really like it because the most difficult thing in football for a manager is to implement your style to your players and the players follow, every single player, that's the most difficult thing, and he's done that at Aston Villa.

"I think he is going to become Liverpool manager one day, 100%, but I hope he doesn't for a very long time because that means [Jurgen] Klopp will stay at the club for a very long time."

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