Queen Latifah Responds to Chris Noth’s Firing From ‘The Equalizer’

The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter

Queen Latifah is weighing in after The Equalizer co-star Chris Noth exited the show amid assault allegations against him.

During a recent interview with People (the TV Show!) , Latifah called it “still surreal” that Noth, formerly a series regular, will no longer appear on the CBS procedural. The network announced its decision to drop him on Dec. 20 following The Hollywood Reporter reporting earlier in the month that two women had accused the Sex and the City alum of sexual assault.

“It is such a dicey, delicate situation that requires a great deal of respect,” Latifah said in the new interview. “That’s a personal thing that he’s going to have to deal with.”

Regarding how he will be written out, Latifah said the show’s team is still figuring out “how we’re going to deal” with saying goodbye to his character, ex-CIA director William Bishop.

“Chris’ character’s obviously a big part of the show, and it was amazing chemistry, amazing chemistry,” she added. “And my feeling is justice has to prevail, regardless. I just want the right things to be done, you know?”

Not long after the premiere of HBO Max’s And Just Like That , in which Noth reprised his signature role as Mr. Big, two women separately approached THR and alleged that the actor had assaulted them. One of the alleged incidents took place in Los Angeles in 2004, and the other in New York in 2015.

Noth denied the allegations, calling them “categorically false” and referring to the encounters as consensual.

Additionally, Noth was dropped by his representatives at A3 Artists Agency and removed from the And Just Like That finale in the wake of the scandal.

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Dana Berner Baltierra

What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? I don’t trust anyone that waits years to file a complaint. They were more concerned about their career then anything else.

Alan Braswell

not discounting the women involved but why do they wait so very long to make these claims??? Anybody can just come out and claim so an so did this to me 20 years ago. The one accused right or wrong their lives are automatically ruined while the accuser is shown as a hero, proof or not.


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