Lil Mama Shames Black Women For Seductive Social Media Posts: 'Shit Is Embarrassing'

Cover picture for the articleLil Mama had a few thoughts she wanted to get off her chest that may ruffle some feathers after scrolling through her social media feed on Sunday afternoon (January 23). The New York City native took to her Instagram Story to criticize Black women who she believed were oversexualizing themselves for...

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She's right and lets not say oh, white women do it to. Okay, who cares? The hypersexualization of young women in our community has different effects than it does in the White community. Did you know that most young black girls lose interest in science and math between the ages of 11 and 12? Do you think it's ironic that it coiencides with puberty and when they become interested in sexuality? We got to do better as community when it comes to what we are giving these young ladies to look at.

Thomas Bond

Sadly it’s been pushed and made to be a desired and admiral thing by rappers for some time now. Ahhh the pains of success. You reap what you sow.

truth or friends

Listen up! Read this and tell me if it describes you and your ancestors or the people who own the diamond industry, Hollywood, and the world banks? "They are a stiff-necked (hard-headed) people", "I will bring you into Egypt (slavery) again ON SHIPS", "your men will have an evil eye towards their brother (violence), toward his wife, and to his kids which he will leave", "the brokenhearted, the captives, and them that are bound", "you will discontinue (forget) your heritage and you will serve your enemies in a foreign land" This is ALL in the bible! The same book that says "I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not..." If they were the Jews and not us why do we fit the curses? Why don't they? If they were us how would they "remember this whole time" they were Jews when the bible said the real Jews would forget who they were? Wake up and return to your stolen heritage, we are the Israelites. I'm not looking for a like, please if this speaks to you RESEARCH IT!


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