Aaron Rodgers Showed His True Colors

Cover picture for the articleNever mind the special teams blowing the game, a predictable outcome for anyone who watched a single minute of Green Bay Packers football this year. Set aside the solid defensive performance from a unit that didn’t give up a single offensive touchdown to the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday night. Ignore...

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Marianne Contrino

As a Wisconsinite, and proud owner of not one, but TWO whole shares of Packers' stock, I couldn't agree more. He has forever tarnished his name, and destroyed any and all respect I, and MANY, MANY others like me, had for him. Really such a shame it came down to this!! Beyond disappointing.

Lanna Mama

I'm not even sure what his "fake white house" comment even meant. does he mean he believes the big lie as well? not a good way to go out unless he just wants to lose more of his sponsors. acted like a spoiled child as usual. not a good look but to each their own

Shelly IND

I know technically he has better stats but I always enjoyed watching Favre more. Something about those 3 magical years where everyone in the community was bonded over the packers.


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