Police: Woman Shot & Killed 4-Year Old Before Turning Gun On Herself

NewsRadio WFLA
NewsRadio WFLA
Photo: CBS 12

Police say a woman and child found dead at a Florida hotel over the weekend were the victims of a murder-suicide.

Port St. Lucie Police say the 32-year old woman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the 4-year old was shot twice.

The two drove up from Miami and were staying at the Towneplace Suites, along with a man who had left the woman and child in the room to go for breakfast and returned on Saturday to find the door locked and no response when he knocked on the door.

He called police, who tried to use a room key to open the door, but it was blocked by a refrigerator and sofa.

Officers forced their way inside and found the pair dead, along with a handgun that police say belonged to the woman.

The names and relationships of the victims are unknown due to relatives invoking Marsy's Law.

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wow! prayers to the deceased loves one's. ppl dealing with a lot these days. Smiling on the outside, but crying- breaking on the inside. we! none of us know what ppl r dealing with- going through on a daily. PRAYING FOR ALL THOSE THAT R NOT OKAY. SEEK HELP- ASSISTANCE- SCREAM OUT.

PrettyBrownEyes 96

Man if you want to go LEAVE THE BABIES OUT OF IT PLS... They have nothing to do it... give them a fighting chance...


Wow why the baby get shot and twice😢😭 at that smh Rest well sweet baby💐🙏🏾condolences to your family


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