“Death Star” response from US would lock Russia out of 5G, advanced chips

Ars Technica

Cover picture for the articleThe US is considering restricting the flow of semiconductors into Russia to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. The move would prevent the Russian military and much of the nation’s economy from advancing technologically. The details of the sanctions are still being decided, but they would...

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Pssst...... you ever hear of the black market and not to mention that communist China will provide Putin with chips.

Tyler Faughender

Brilliant !, BTW this brilliant thinking is the reason why we are all about to get end up with a war right here at home! We don't as a country make anything anymore 😆 This type of critical thinking and decision making is why we don't have an abundance of work, everything is made over seas and distributed out in America because the rich are more worried about staying rich and becoming richer. If it doesn't say made in the USA don't buy it or use it, see where you stand..

Kat Hartley

the usa needs to shut them out period of everything in the use no more trading period with russia china or north korea stop all with these countries period quit being scared


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