Well-known central Pennsylvania restaurant closing after 50 years
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A popular central Pennsylvania restaurant is closing after 50 years, according to the Daily Item in Sunbury. The Country Cupboard Restaurant & Shops, a pit stop for travelers along Route 15 in Union County near Lewisburg, is shutting at the end of February, said its CEO...

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Freddiann Edwards

very very sad news... always enjoyed going there, so many happy memories with my family, 4 years ago February 21st, my mother passed away and I wasn't thankful for anything in 2018... we decided to go there for Thanksgiving dinner, and my son and I never had Prime Rib for Thanksgiving but we both did that year... Thank You Country Cubboard for the years of great food and memories... You are going to be Missed alot 😢

Jenn says

Going to keep happening, no one wants to work, price of food and gas is outrageous and continuing to rise, and many places can't get out of the hole covid put them in.

Frank Tripoli

SAD, this is yet another catastrophe occuring locally and brought upon all Americans Nationwide because of Politicizing the Pandemic! Unfortunately for us, it continues!


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