NFL World Reacts To Monday’s Rob Gronkowski News

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If Tom Brady retires, Rob Gronkowski will too, right?. That’s been the assumption, considering the former New England Patriots tight end only came out of retirement to play with Brady in Tampa Bay. Gronkowski and Brady won another Super Bowl together with the Buccaneers and could head into retirement...

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tina mcgarrah

Travis Kelce picked up your torch Rob, as the best in the business..Must say you were literally unstoppable for quite awhile there.. Can't really blame you, if someone was offering that kind of money. I'd stay till security had to physically remove me... Brady is an anomaly, he still can bring it at his age, but hasn taken the constant punishment as a tight end has too.. I hate watching Brady win all the time, but you can't take away his GOAT as QB, no one comes close to that record breaking career. Football will be a little less without him,no matter the tremendous crop of young QB's upon it now.

Chris Kaye

Both of them are past due, expired...maybe watching the playoffs from their couches will alert them to what everybody already knows...

Dale Leonhart

Don't count Brady out yet . 27. to. 3. ties the game . he can't play offense and defense


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