What to know about shingles and the COVID-19 vaccine

Medical News Today

Cover picture for the articleShingles is an uncomfortable common condition that causes a characteristic rash, among other symptoms. Some studies suggest a link between COVID-19 vaccines and reactivation of the virus that causes shingles. While evidence suggests this could be possible, it is at the very least uncommon. Shingles is a fairly common...

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Kathy Panek DiGiacomo

So I’m vaxxed and boosted. The first week after my booster I was sick as a dog. Multiple migraines, high fevers, exhaustion. The next week (last week) I was diagnosed with shingles. Coincidence? YES!! I searched on multiple search engines. Most results the first article said there was no correlation. Of course. The next dozen or so results state there is a marked increase in the thousands of shingles cases being reported. I will not take another booster. It may kill me.


And it's only coincidence that people are having problems with their heart, having strokes, and having other health issues shortly after getting the Covid-19 shots. Yes just all one big coincidence.

Michelle Deville

2 years ago: 100% safe and effective and prevents transmission 1 Year Ago: You can still get it but it will be less severe 6 months ago: You need a 3rd or 4th for it to workToday: They don't work, there "may" be a link to it and many adverse reactions but we arnt 100% just yet so take another. 😂😂🤣😍


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