NFL coach rips Aaron Rodgers for causing distractions, not winning multiple Super Bowls


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are still recovering from another ugly playoff exit with looming questions about the future. With Rodgers already under fire from the NFL world , now a current coach is delivering some strong criticisms of the NFL MVP.

Rodgers delivered plenty of headlines in 2021. He demanded a trade before the 2021 NFL Draft, with the reports hanging a cloud over a day that the Packers fan base typically. Weeks later, details came out about the rift between Rodgers and the front office .

  • Aaron Rodgers stats (2021): 4,115 passing yards, 37 passing touchdowns, 111.9 QB rating, 68.9% completion rate

He eventually reported for training camp and sat out the preseason. In Week 1, the New Orleans Saints crushed Green Bay 38-3 and Rodgers threw two interceptions without a touchdown. After the game, an NFL executive ripped Rodgers’ offseason behavior for causing the team’s struggles.

The three-time NFL MVP responded with a dominant run during the regular season and will likely win consecutive MVP awards. But he also found himself in hot water. After telling reports this summer he was ‘immunized’, Green Bay’s quarterback tested positive for COVID-19 and missed the Kansas City Chiefs game as an unvaccinated player.

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Public criticisms only got worse from weekly appearances on the Pat McAfee Show, speaking out on the vaccination and blasting ‘cancel culture’ for trying to get him. The NFL later refuted some of the claims Rodgers made.

Much of the criticism and mockery of Rodgers stopped as the Packers’ quarterback dominated on the field. But after another rough playoff performance, sending his postseason record to 0-4 against the San Francisco 49ers, an NFL coach didn’t hold back to The Athletic’s Mike Sando .

“Rodgers wants to talk about vaccine mandates and cancel culture, while Brady talks about all ball. Rodgers loves the standing invite on the A.J. Hawk show (Pat McAfee Show) and he wants to talk about cancel culture, woke mob and every other thing that doesn’t do anything but splinter and unfocus the group. To me, Rodgers doesn’t show the focus that it really takes to win the multiple championships.”

Anonymous NFL coach on Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, via The Athletic

The first-round playoff exit to the 49ers came days after ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg released an in-depth interview with Rodgers, talking about the COVID-19 vaccines, Ayn Rand and President Joe Biden. Also Read:
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Rodgers, 38, will have a decision to make this offseason. He is still playing at an elite level and could return in 2022, either for the Packers or demanding a trade to another NFL team. But if he wants to be out of the spotlight, beginning the next chapter of his life, retirement is a very real possibility.

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He's worn out his welcome and is probably done in GB. His other man-bun type interests are also a distraction but at least his comments about Biden were spot on.


An anonymous NFL coach ? No balls to identify yourself with your criticism? Probably a coach who couldn’t make the playoffs


Rodgers is overrated. He is an average quarterback at best and needs to retire.


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