It Sure Looks Like Sidney Powell Wrote the Order to Seize Voting Machines

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Unraveling viral disinformation and explaining where it came from, the harm it's causing, and what we should do about it. A draft executive order that would have allowed former President Donald Trump to seize voting machines in the wake of the 2020 election was published in full for the first time...

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Listen people when it's all said and done and this committee raps up you can rest assured that Congress is going to send criminal referrals over to the DOJ stay tuned these people are very dangerous and need to be locked up to date none of these people have evidence to back up the claim of a stolen election they themselves are the very people that was trying to steal an election again stay tuned the 11oath keepers are going to break this investigation wide open for the simple reason there is no pardons to be offered again stay tuned

Robert Cox

What sort of contagion would have caused the republicans to show these signs of altered states of reality. Maybe we should drop the effort into Covid research and make this new disease a priority.

Willie One

It's a shame how all these prominent people put their everything into trying to prove election fraud for DONALD, yet he has not offered to help them in any way. DONALD said the election was stolen, and they all ran with it, now he's trying to hide documents, and phone calls, while they continue to fight his fight while losing their jobs, licenses, credibility, political powers, EVERYTHING, down the drain, and DONALD has yet to reach out to any of them to say I WILL HELP YOU IN ANY WAY I CAN.


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