I found out my older brother is really my dad… and I’m not even related to the ‘parents’ who raised me

The US Sun
The US Sun

A WOMAN was left horrified after discovering that her older brother was in fact her dad - and that she had been raised by adoptive parents.

TikTok user Sue shared the extraordinary story with her followers in a video which has since amassed almost 13 million views.
Sue discovered that her 'older brother' was actually her dad when she was 11 Credit: Tik Tok/ suesbadvibes
She was adopted by his adoptive parents Credit: Tik Tok/ suesbadvibes

Captioning the video, Sue wrote: “How my family expected me to react when I found out my older brother was my dad vs how I actually reacted.”

Sue then filmed herself looking shocked before alternating to footage of her punching the camera demonstrating how she actually reacted.

Unsurprisingly, many of her followers were keen to know more about her situation and Sue answered questions in the comments.

She continued: “My parents are actually my ‘grandparents’ and they adopted me.

“He (her dad) was ALSO adopted by them so they’re not ACTUALLY my grandparents idk (I don't know) it’s weird.

“I’m the only sibling that my grandparents adopted.”

She goes on to explain that her brother had her in his 20s, and they had a "bad relationship", and though she knows where her mum is they are not in contact.

Many followers were concerned about Sue after the shocking news, but she explained that she had known for years.

“I found this out when I was 11, I’m perfectly fine now, we just hate each other,” she said.

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Fred Garvin

I hear you girl…. The other day I woke up wondering where my watch was, and why that lady was petting a goat right next to me in my tent, who the hell was she, and why was she smearing Vaseline on my forehead. Damn….I gotta drop less acid.


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