Denzel Washington On Who Is The Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time: "I Was At The Chicago Bulls Game... When Michael Jordan Made That Famous Shot, And We Went Out To Dinner That Night..."

Cover picture for the articleWhen it comes to the debate for being regarded as the greatest player of all time, usually people tend to choose either LeBron James or Michael Jordan. Even among them, the majority of people tend to tilt towards Jordan. After all, MJ achieved a lot of things in the...

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As an all around best player It’s a tie between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. They did more for the NBA than any other players in history


James comes in at 18? and he is 38?? That’s 20 years and he is still chasing MJ records. Michael played 12 years and started 4 or 5 years later at 22/23? I’m sorry but just because a player has to try and remind us he is the goat versus showing us..LJ is the greatest of this time but MJ is the great of all time


This should not even be a debate. Jordan from the onset changed the league forever. He provided a blue print for success that LeBron follows. Jordan is as good a businessman as he is a basketball 🏀 player. Jordan Also played in an Era that was very brutal as perpetuated by the Detroit Bad Boys. LeBron plays in an Era where a player can attain a flagrant foul for basically passing gas ⛽. This debate is mainly for the new generation that did not get to see Jordan play.


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