Kate Middleton, Prince William 'Frustrated' With Sussex Security Issues

Business Times
Business Times

Frustration is what Prince William and Kate Middleton, reportedly, feel these days. The claim comes as the issue, involving Prince Harry and the Home Office, continues to develop.
Prince William and Kate MiddletonReuters

Sources revealed to Us Weekly that the entire situation is frustrating to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But, it is argued that the future King is "the first to sympathize" with the Duke of Sussex's security concerns.

Even so, the "never-ending drama" that surrounds the former working royals is "just too much." In addition to the controversies, there are, also, the "constant legal threats" from the Sussex Royals' camp.

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Barbara Holland

Think it’s a way to not return to England. Surely mm out her foot down to not return. Very sad. Queen deserves better than these two immature mean spirited individuals. England doesn’t want them either. Remove all royal status see them really complain.

Gilge Nelda

don't give in and letharry have his way don't let him Have anyhe don't need to comeall he will do is lie and case troublehe needs to leave the royalsalone and stop bullying the royal family he is no longer royal

Doreen Moore

Harry all you do is bring heartache to the royals family isn't about time you start working for your own needs.


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