Aaron Rodgers Considering Pulling A 'Tom Brady' After Green Bay Packers Loss: 'He Is Looking To Give It A Go With Another Team,' Source Spills

Ok Magazine

Cover picture for the articleAll eyes have been on Aaron Rodgers after the Green Bay Packers lost their playoffs game 10-13 over the weekend. The team lost to the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, January 22. The 38-year-old admitted after the game that he was feeling "numb," telling reporters: "I didn’t think it was gonna...

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The Natural

Please do it quickly so we don't have to hear and read about it for the next six months. We all know you like being the center of attention but think about the fans who have to go through this.

Ken Bob

I'm just glad Tom Brady ain't going to the Super Bowl again the Rams know what it took to keep Tom Brady from coming back again


Playing at a high level and winning at a high level are 2 different things. Rodgers has got more years behind him than he does in front of him. Difference between Rodgers and Brady is Brady delivers and Rodgers does not. Rodgers just whines and look for others to blame for his lack of success in the big games.


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