Pa. man who fell down steps outside removed his clothing before freezing to death: coroner
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A 63-year-old man who fell down the outer steps of his Johnstown apartment building in the freezing cold inexplicably removed some of his clothing before freezing to death. Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees identified the victim as Daryl Lewis, 63, of Johnstown, as WTAJ and WJAC report, adding:. Lewis...

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It’s a well known fact that when suffering from hypothermia, people feel like they are burning up and quite commonly remove their clothing, this has been seen in quite a few missing people found lost in the woods. “Twenty to fifty percent of hypothermia deaths are associated with paradoxical undressing. This typically occurs during moderate and severe hypothermia, as the person becomes disoriented, confused, and combative. They may begin discarding their clothing, which, in turn, increases the rate of heat loss!”

Trish Ann

Why is this even a headline? It's common knowledge hypothermia does this to people..disrespectful to the man that passed.


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