‘His cancer is back and it’s not good.’ Our time was ending, but I wanted my daddy to walk me down the aisle.’: Daughter stages tearful ‘fake wedding’ for dying father

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Donna Duncan

im crying. my dad died of cancer and our last days with him reminded me how much he gave even of his six daughters didn't realize. those days I know at times his was with momma. lost her 8 months earlier. I still want to call him about how to fix things.

Becky Stephens-Winters

Megan Roy you should be a writer. This brought me to tears. your words were like glue keeping me reading your story. I know your dad would be so proud. He will be there waiting to walk you down the aisle of Heavens pearly gates. This story touched my soul. May God richly bless you and your family. Thank you for reminding people that Love isn't always easy, but it is everlasting.

Yesenia Otalora

Very sad 😞 I understand you 100 💯 my dad also got colon cancer n he last us for 10 year I miss him alote he died in 2009 few years later my sister got tiroide cancer sad n me my self got breast cancer sadly is like a chain god blesss you all n give you the strength sorry 😞🙏🏻✝️


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