I Spent Years Getting to Know a Teenage Serial Killer

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At 3:15AM on the 24th of October, 2002, armed police closed in on a rest stop just off an interstate in Maryland. There, hiding out inside a blue Chevrolet Caprice, were 41-year-old Gulf War veteran John Muhammad, and Lee Malvo, then aged just 17. Together, for the previous 23...

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windows open

sometimes they can be lead astray at an impressionable age. but once they cross the lines it's generally to late and then they must pay for the error of their ways .


I spent about 2 weeks every evening in a parking lot, sitting in my car with my windows down a little listening for gun shots and looking for a white van with a tail light that was burnt out. That's what the cops told everyone to look for. The strip mall I parked in had a pharmacy (like a CVS), grocery store, and a gas station and hobby store across the street, along with other stores in the strip mall in Alexandria Virginia. It was an interesting time in the DC area, I lived through it. Most people were in fear. No kids played on the playground. Gas stations put up tarps so you could pump gas without being shot. People would run from their cars into the store or out of the store. I'll never forget it, unless I get alzheimers.


How can you say that he has a right to walk this earth again? At 17 he knew that he was taking someone’s life, someone’s mother, father, child, daughter or son. You may have been so twisted with childhood abuse that you wanted to do this, when people commit such acts they fill their heads with thoughts to help them cope with why they did what they did! That doesn’t give you an excuse to get out of jail, pay your price, life in jail is the right sentence!


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