Trigger Point: Vicky McClure explains episode 1 scene that left fans confused

The Independent
The Independent

Vicky McClure has explained a scene that left Trigger Point viewers scratching their heads.

The Line of Duty actor stars alongside Adrian Lester in ITV’s new drama about an explosives team working in the Met Police.

The show kicked off on Sunday (23 January) night , with McClure’s Lana Washington and Lester’s Joel Nutkins investigating a suspected bomb factory in London.

A number of viewers, however, were left confused as Lana and Joel removed their helmets when they got closer to the potential bomb.

One Twitter user questioned: “Why would the bomb squad keep removing their protective helmets when they are about to be blown up? Surely that would save their life?”

Speaking to Digital Spy , McClure explained that the scene made “complete sense” and that the actors had been advised by real-life explosives experts regarding the scene.

“[Wearing a helmet] could actually be distracting, depending on the sort of small space that you might be working in,” McClure said.

“Also, if it was to knock anything, it could just be a dangerous thing. The fact is that if the explosion did go off, that little helmet is not going to help so it’s best that it’s taken away.”

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Trigger Point airs Sundays at 9.00pm on ITV.

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