The world's 5 richest tech tycoons — including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates — have already lost about $85 billion this year amid a brutal market sell-off

Markets Insider
Markets Insider
The world's richest tech tycoons suffered heavy losses last week amid a market sell-off. Susan Walsh/AP; Joshua Roberts/Reuters; Axel Schmidt/Getty Images
  • Stock markets tumbled last week on fears about rising interest rates and inflation.
  • The tech-heavy Nasdaq index fell 8% last week and is down 13% this year.
  • The world's five richest tech tycoons have collectively lost about $85 billion in 2022.

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they wanna cry because they didn't make as much, man I hope the stocks n all that keep going down we need more money in the economy anyways 🙄 maybe it'll actually be beneficial to the people that make it run, aka the citizens 🤷🏻‍♂️

Edward Smith

So sorry couldn't have happened to better people they deserve it should lose more so they can feel like the rest of us.

King Cujo

Good.. The rich dont need to get richer.. There should be a cap on the amount a millionaire should have before the rest is put back into the country for the people... I mean we are the reason they are rich.. With out our money they wouldnt have any...


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