Look: NFL Refs Missed Blatant Penalty On The Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills, 42-36, in overtime at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday evening. The game was a wild one, with several lead changes in the game’s final two minutes. Ultimately, the Chiefs were able to force overtime, before scoring the game-winning touchdown on a pass from Patrick...

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That was the most entertaining game of football I've seen since the Elway days with the Broncos. Two great young quarterbacks battling it out, each with awesomely talented players at every position playing passionately for the win, and each team being superbly coached from the sideline. Players on both teams gave 100% every second of the game and either team could have won. I'm a Chiefs fan but I would not have been upset if the Bills won because both teams deserved to win....but it was the luck of the coin toss that gave the game to the Chiefs. I've no doubt that the Bills would have marched down the field and scored just like the Chiefs did if they had won the toss.


The refs took themselves out of the game and the players made it the most exciting game in decades. If the taunting call was the most blatant call they could have made, I would say they did a great job.

Bud Combs

they also ignored offensive pass interference against the bills... then on next play called a pass interference against the chiefs.


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