NFL World Reacts To The Bucs’ Troubling Postgame News

The Spun
The Spun
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost in stunning fashion to the Los Angeles Rams, 30-27, late on Sunday afternoon. Tampa Bay trailed big early before mounting a huge comeback late, only for it to come up a bit short when the Rams drilled a game-winning field goal. Following the game,...

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And what's your point? They had a great year. Are you a Bucs fan? From your post you are not. That last drive the defensive coordinator didn't do his job or the defense. How can someone be wide open that much. It's not an excuse they played hard the whole game. JHC every team says what went wrong during the game. They had important players that couldn't play the game because of injuries. The Rams are a tough TEAM to beat. All I hope is whoever wins next week beats KC just like the Bucs did did last year. At least the Bills lost. I'm cheering for the 49ers..


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