'9-1-1' Fans' Hearts Are “Pounding” After Jennifer Love Hewitt Drops Major Season 5 News

Cover picture for the article9-1-1 fans, this is not a drill: Jennifer Love Hewitt is officially returning to the Fox drama as our favorite former emergency dispatcher, Maddie, and she has a new look. As quickly as Jennifer’s character went M.I.A. at the beginning of 9-1-1 season 5, she has reappeared and while there are...

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I wish she would just stay off the show. Her emotional drop at the hat scenes are tiring. She is always whining about something. When the show first aired it was really good and action filled. Now, it is all about drama, relationships and maybe there is one action part init. It needs to go back to the rescue idea that made it a good show. Can’t stand the draaama anymore. Get back to what the show was suppose to be about. Rescuing.


While I once loved her in her earlier Ghost Whisperer days, I really can’t stand that she still has the same child like boohoo me faces. She’s not a kid anymore and her sobering belly aching, look at me poor me on 911 is more annoying than anything. 🤮

frankly speaking

Good but was this really news? Just come back, we'll get it once we see you on TV. NO need to take out a half page ad to say she's coming back. You "journalists" kill me! With so many interesting and important stories abt the country and its inner workings to be told,, you focus on the most menial.. Way2Go and keep integrity at the forefront!


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