NFL World Reacts To Cris Collinsworth’s Performance Sunday

The Spun
The Spun
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Having Sunday Night Football in the early afternoon may feel unfamiliar to most NFL fans. But one familiar thing is Cris Collinsworth and his color commentary that they all seem to despise. Collinsworth and Al Michaels have the call for today’s big Rams-Bucs game in the Divisional Round. The...

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Daryl Smith

Not a majority of football fans just the Twitter mob who take issue with everything and everyone. Watched him play when I was a kid and as a commentator thru out my life. Nothing wrong with the way he does it. Nobody is gonna be Madden, ever.

An Myking

Perhaps, but what he has to say is always informative and entertaining and some of the background info on a player. I think he & Romo or Aiken are super. Now I do not care for Brady at all! I hear an awful lot of GOAT & KING talk about a guy who already thinks he is perfect does not need the constant. He is a great QB (I do hear many things w/which I don't agree, like “only Brady would think ofthat,” etc! That stuff never stops) However, Collinsworth has a comfortable voice & blends well w/most of those he works with.He's good! Leave him alone; we should try to calm down all these little wars and let our players focus on WHAT GETS ALL OF US HERE. These kinds of comments only cause trouble & tension!


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