“I don’t feel sorry for him”: Shaquille O’Neal rips apart Kanye West for taking fight with Kim Kardashian to social media

Cover picture for the articleShaquille O’Neal the former National Basketball Association player and a Hall of Famer who in retirement as turned himself into a musician, businessman and a analyst as his un-ending love for Basketball still has him around the league. Being a generational talent Shaquille O’Neal was and is the most dominant force...

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Sarah Parker

Shaquille O'Neal is exactly right your personal life does not belong on Twitter nor Facebook that's what's wrong with these celebrities y'all put too much of your business on Twitter and in Facebook and on the news some things about your personal life people just does not need to know especially when it valves your family and your kids Kanye West should have known better than to try to outline outline that woman on Facebook and Twitter cuz what he went through . and it was never should have said anything about that girl to publicize their differences in public he should have been a man that stand up and deal with it like a man and just walk away if you cannot get along leave that person alone because at the end of the day she is still your children's mother

Brenda Williams

I agree with Shaq, why does your private life have to be shared on social media, the info inside your private life should be kept private, people will view your private life on social media and pick apart your conversation to use against you, plus if people don't want to believe you even if you're right, they won't, so I will never agree with anyone exploiting and embarassing themselves/ their children, it's sad, I'll just pray for God to draw them closer to him, maybe then Ye will get a clear understanding of what his real purpose on this earth is...

Moon Child

Kim never exposed Kanye on social media,not even when he cheated. Now since she is trying to move on Kanye acting like a teenager. North is more mature. The Shaq always respected his wife,mother to his children when they split. I respect him for that.


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