GOP Sen. Scott Bashes Biden For Abandoning Average Americans To Represent “Radical Left”

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The Free Press - TFP

In a brief speech marking President Joe Biden’s first year in office, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott slammed the administration for making things demonstrably worse for average Americans.

“This last year has just been complete failed leadership,” the Florida Republican said during a news conference with other GOP senators. Scott spoke last Thursday, the first anniversary of Biden taking office.

In that time, Scott noted, gas and food prices are up dramatically, hurting middle- and low-income families. Meanwhile, the nation still faces a persistent supply-chain debacle that leaves store shelves empty.

Scott likened the administration to his grandson, whose first defense when he gets in trouble is, “Grandpa, I didn’t do anything.”

“That’s the Biden administration. There’s nothing they do about anything,” Scott said.

“They don’t show up to anything. They don’t do anything.”

Scott pointed to Afghanistan as an example of what Americans could expect from the president.

After promising he would not leave any Americans behind there, said Scott, Americans are still trapped in the clutches of the Taliban, and the administration won’t provide details about those left.

“They don’t trust Americans to have the facts,” Scott said.

Scott then noted Biden’s rambling response to the brewing crisis in Ukraine.

Biden had said during a rare press conference that the U.S. likely would not respond to a “minor incursion” instigated by Russia.

“What’s a minor incursion?” Scott asked. “A thousand people die? 2,000 people die? 5,000 people die?”

“This guy has no ability to lead this country,” Scott continued.

Pivoting to the Senate’s recent vote on the filibuster, which was preserved because two relatively moderate Democrats joined all Republicans in voting to retain it, Scott said the Democrats have become the “anti-democracy party.”

“The Democrats have decided they don’t trust democracy. They’re the anti-democracy party. They don’t believe the American people can make good decisions,” Scott said.

“Biden has to get away from representing the radical left,” Scott concluded. “He’s got to think of ‘How do I help the average American?’”

Biden could do that, he added, by figuring out how to fight inflation, get the “woke agenda” out of schools, and reduce crime.

“He’s got to start focusing on the things to help Americans,” said Scott.

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