Tom Brady Admits ‘Very Difficult Issue’ With His Wife, Gisele

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Amid growing talk of Tom Brady retiring, it’s important to look back on what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said about his marriage with Gisele Bundchen. Back in the fall, Brady admitted that retirement was a “very difficult issue” in his marriage to the supermodel. Naturally,...

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Deidre Williamson

She’s a wife wanting her husband around her and their children before he gets an injury that can’t be fixed or some other medical issues. I do t think she’s controlling even though I don’t like her or him either for that matter. Put egos down and care about your family.

Siobhan Cassin

Why can’t you both work like most other American families. Football does’t last all year. Most families with 2 working parents have outside help also with the kids. Your kids aren’t infants. If she really wants to pursue her career as well as you, make it work, we all do. Nothing brings more stress to a relationship than one partner not feeling like they haven’t fulfilled their dreams or that they have left something incomplete in their life. It can lead to feeling of regret and resentment later. If you are feeling there is still gas in the tank for playing football….do it, no regrets later. If she wants to get back into her career… it. It’s important for children to see their Mother be fulfilled also.

Miles A. Sutherland

he's already accomplished everything in the game. He should do us on his family. With everything he's accomplished , I can see where if he didn't retire , she would see it as a selfish move by him.


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