‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Wants to See Jamie Break Bad

Looks like “Blue Bloods” star, Will Estes wants to see more of a specific storyline with his character, Jamie.

In the popular CBS crime drama, Estes plays street cop, Sergeant Jameson “Jamie” Reagan. In an interview during September 2021 with The Nerds of Color, he discussed what he wanted to see for Jamie’s future.

The interviewer asked a question that revolved around what storylines Estes would like to explore in his role as Jamie. And the actor had an answer prepared about the “gray areas” of his storylines so far.

“I like the gray areas. Jamie is a good person with a strong moral core, but the world is not black-and-white. A lot of discretion is left up to the officer in our justice system, for better or worse… but these are parts of the show that can become very real. They can be relevant because they shine a light on parts of us or our society that are difficult to look at. There are limitations on police officers and on people in terms of what they can do to help. So I like seeing Jamie in challenging situations. He’s driven to “get it right” but sometimes that’s just not possible.”

Sounds like the talented actor is pretty proud of how his character changed over time. He apparently likes seeing Jamie work in challenging situations. He is also pretty proud of how the show portrays real-life behaviors. So hopefully, the showrunners will be able to find a way to fulfill Will Estes’s wish.

What Attracted Will Estes to Show And the Role of Jamie?

Will Estes continues his interview by praising the script and idea for his show. I mean, can you blame him? Who thought of a show about a family full of law enforcement workers? If that doesn’t say drama, what does?

Estes also mentions how he’s grown as a person with Jamie since 2010.

“‘Blue Bloods’ was the best script I had read in a long time, certainly that entire pilot season. It was created by the late Mr. Leonard Goldberg, Mitch Burgess, and Robin Green, who created The Sopranos. It was about a family of cops in New York and it was just more alive and had more potential than anything else I’d read. It’s been great to watch Jamie mature along with my own maturation as an actor. Jaime started as a rookie and I was a rookie at playing Jaime… so I guess we grew together.”

Will Estes also discussed how much he appreciates how the series takes on real-world problems. It is pretty interesting to see how television shows view problems currently happening in the world.

“I love when we tackle real-world issues and involve current debates and events in the show. I think Blue Bloods lives and breathes in these spaces. A lot of people are taking issue with policing methods, policies, and practices in the United States today. Blue Bloods is a story about a family of cops and an ADA who do their best to get it right, who are good people even if flawed.”

We can only wait to see what Will Estes plans to bring to “Blue Bloods” in the next episode!

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