Commissioner Joe Carollo Speaks Out After Former Police Chief Art Acevedo Files Lawsuit Against City

CBS Miami
CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – City of Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo is speaking out after former Police Chief Art Acevedo filed a lawsuit against him and several other city leaders.

Acevedo filed suit against the city , saying he was fired out of retaliation for speaking up against the corruption he says he saw at city hall.

The suit specifically names Commissioners Alex Diaz de la Portilla, Manolo Reyes and Carollo.

Carollo says Acevedo is one of biggest frauds that has ever been behind a badge.

“Not one thing that he put down in that lawsuit can he prove – nothing. It’s all based on the word of Acevedo and the lies of Acevedo, and that’s the bottom line. This man is not believable. And when the time comes for attorneys going forward, that will be proven,” Carollo said.

Acevedo was fired after a series of lengthy commission meetings back in October after only six months on the job.

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Devro Devro61

Art Acevedo has had major Problems at every Police Agency he’s worked at, with Miami being the 4th. Mayor Suarez was behind Acevedo’s hiring and should be Publicly Admonished for poor judgement in advocating for this Maron. This strategy of going outside the Departments to hire a Police Chief is never a good idea.


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