Former Attorney General William Barr has spoken to January 6 committee, chairman says

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articleWashington — Congressman Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, revealed Sunday that former Attorney General William Barr has spoken with investigators. "We've had conversations with the former attorney general already. We have talked to Department of Defense...

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mikee Aragon

seems to me they have a whole hell of a lot of evidence already they just want to hear the words from the Muse mouth

DR Just me

Barr misrepresented the Mueller report, he agreed to everything trump wanted until it went to sedition of over throwing an election. That’s why he resigned - knowing what was happening behind the scenes and wanted no part f it. He said there was no fraud and then a couple days later resigned. Hope he was man enough to tell the truth and turn over all the documents they wanted. He knows what’s coming down.


So be patient my true American Patriots, trump's trials for his FEDERAL CRIMES starts THIS spring. And yes they have plenty of evidence and proof with the over 200 eye witnesses and 2 of trump's rally coordinators and 100's and 100's of texts and emails, how this attempted insurrection to overthrow the U.S. government was well planned out in advance by trump's supporters of trump's " Big Lie" .


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