Racist Couple Fired And Arrested After Verbally Attacking Biracial Couple And Their 10-Year-Old

Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise
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A Long Island couple has been charged with hate crimes and child endangerment after launching an unprovoked verbal attack against a biracial couple and their 10-year-old son on a commuter train. According to WNBC, the incident occurred as Liz Edelkind, who is Afro-Latina, was heading home from a Knicks...

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The Crusader

You wonder why people are always getting themselves killed. It’s because they can’t keep their mouths shut and mind their own business. Some stranger “disses” someone, tempers flare, someone over reacts, the next thing you see is someone lying dead on the ground.

I Am Telling You The Truth

Keep getting arrested Kevin and Karen. Why do you care who is married to whom? Just worry about your choices and who you are with.

Doris Frayer

Racists never learn until it's too late. A prime example Gregory McMichaels raised his son Travis as a generational racist in Georgia and now both are sentenced to life in prison. Travis, the son, has no possiblity of payrole for hunting and killing a black young man while he jogged, Ahmaud Arbery. The elder McMichaels hate for black people controlled him and he instilled this in his son. Bad enough he is innprisoned forever but he sentenced his son to a lifetime of misery and pain. They will never see the light of day because of their uncontrollable racism. The father will have plenty of tme to regret what he did but it's too late.


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