Kelly Clarkson Fans Need Answers Now After Seeing 'The Voice' Star’s New Instagram Video

Cover picture for the articleKelly Clarkson is a singer, author, daytime TV host and fashionista. When she isn’t coaching her team on The Voice, the Texas native is having a blast leading discussions on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Apart from featuring celebrity guests and talking about the latest news headlines, Kelly shows off her breathtaking...

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Bart Jowers

Kelly just be yourself don't worry about the others I'm looking for answers nothing keep up a good job to have children we love them God bless you and family I got a picture that would give to me a year ago and you signed and I thank you for it God bless you you're a wonderful lady God bless you keep on smiling

Micah Moore

she's an amazing singer and an amazing voice over actress; as someone who is breaking out into the movie industry, I hope she gets more movie roles. she already conquered singing and voice acting, now, we need to see her acting in live action movies. go Kelly Clarkson


Trolls need to get a life . Kelly is a good mother , singer and a good show owner entertainer. Keep up ur good work Kelly


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