She didn't trust her movers. A single Apple AirTag proved she was right


Cover picture for the articleApple's AirTags are getting some of a bad (brand) name. It's "a perfect tool for stalking," as Eva Galperin, Director of Cyber-Security at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, put it to the BBC. She's right, of course. That's the problem with technology, isn't it? For every potential good use, there...

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Cheryl Lynn

My solution when moving from one state to another was rent the truck, hire some guys to pack the truck and hire guys on the other end to unpack the truck. I drove the truck so I knew where my stuff was the whole time. Plus I saved about $6000.


As a military spouse, except for our first move to & from Hawaii, we have always done a partial move ourselves, we always took our valuables & things we were concerned about being lost or happy we are in our 4ever home & not moving anymore, it can be so stressful..prayers to all military families moving across our great country 😇🙏

Noah Gardner

next people to hire movers tell them there is an air tag in the truck as you are tracking your worldly possessions, make sure you add to the fine language in the agreement most do to the read, if they lie to to you, try to increase the price etc they will pay $$ per day they are late, ask the route and if they detour they are penalized. negotiate your contracts


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