Another ‘Sister Wives’ Split? Janelle Brown ‘Is Strongly Considering Separating’ From Kody Brown

US Magazine

Cover picture for the articleFollowing Christine’s lead? Sister Wives star Janelle Brown might be next to leave Kody Brown after he and Christine Brown split last year, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “Janelle meant it when [she] said she would leave Kody,” the insider tells Us. “It’s going to...

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Winona Yvette

the only one he really wants as a "true wife" is Sobbyn Robyn. he only wants the other three so he can keep the show going, to "help (him) enter the heavenly kingdom", and, mainly, for financial support so the other three can pay for everything for him and Sobbyn. All three of them have incomes but Cody and Robyn DON'T!

charlene lamorie

It all started breaking apart once Robin came into picture. Her relationship with Koy is Emotional, not so with the others look how quickly he divorced Meri for Robin. How he was more concerned about being there for Robin's healthy kids during Pandemic than for Isabel going through major surgery thousands of miles away. Not blaming Robin here. Kody has been pulling from the other 3 and every one sees it especially the kids. And he wants to complain how they don't respect him, please you have to earn that, it is not freely given no matter who you are.

Kimberly Finch

let me just say what we're all thinking. Eventually Robin will be his only wife. which is probably exactly what they want.


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