Buccaneers Reportedly Cutting Veteran Running Back

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The Spun
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have cut a veteran running back to open up a roster spot ahead of Sunday’s Divisional Round game. The Bucs advanced to the Divisional Round this weekend by beating the Eagles last Sunday afternoon. Now, they have a date with the Los Angeles Rams, who may have...

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Will Buck

Bell is way past washed up. And they did it the right way. They had a full roster and need a spot since Fournette is coming back.

Sharyne Slater

This is a joke, Bell is no help no matter where he goes, Pittsburgh, Baltimore nor Tampa!!! BUT looks like nothing could help those guys! Gronk lumbering down the field like Herman Munsterand that O line was weak!!! No wonder they lost because Patrick and his team was on fire on both sides of the ball and I was routing for TB and thought it was a sure thing!!! The super bowl sure will lookdifferent this year

Larene Graham

Why😭it was a enough room toto keep veteran Running backLev'eon Bell we need him withThe rams Defence why the bucsBruce Arians or the front officecouldn't wait until the end of theseason.


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